Anoniem: Omg seriously dead over baby Gyan and Manu asdfhjkladhkfl

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UPDATE - Book 2 - chapter 10 (part 1)

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As always reblogs would be really cool to help people find the comic :D

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chafffer: crying a li'l, not gonna lie


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I’m stuck in a train right now so I can’t upload the chapter yet but have a tiny preview ;)

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Forgot to mention
Atlas will run a bit late today sorry!
I will update as soon as possible today

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amnonia: Where do you go to school?

Den Bosh, the Netherlands ;)

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Anoniem: Sorry to bother you, but what paints(?) did you use in your día de los muertos drawings?

Acrylic paint and indian ink ;)

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eyy crappy iphone pictures!

But this is just to let you guys know what I’m working on for school!

We had to choose one out of a few stories to go ilustrate the coming weeks and I chose Pinocchio.

To change it up this time not in Italy but in Mexico more specifically based around  Día de los Muertos ( mainly Día de los Inocentes ) With Pinocchio as a dead kid and Gepetto as a crazy scientist bringing him back to life.

These are just my first sketches so It will probably change a lot still. (especially the blue fairy needs work)

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last day!!

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I guess I’m officially anime trash now.

So I just made this sideblog because I’ve been ruined.

So that there is basically my shipping/nsfw-ish blog where I’ll post art and reblog things (will tag everything tho)

Because I don’t want to spam this blog with my breakdowns. Especially since my teachers/class people sometimes ask me to show my blog and


feel free to follow that one if you are trash like me.

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