I keep forgetting to order DOS on dvd, I need it so bad

Need to make more doodles hgnn


Hugs all around

Anoniem: I love Atlas and PoP! You seem like such a fun person. Manu and Biana are so cute I might cry :) thanks for your awesome art!

precioushobbit13: I finally had time to catch up with Atlas! :3 I was awwing a lot at the hands holding at the end of the chapter! They're all precious babies, I want to hug them!!! x3

heeeeeee thanks!

stumpimusprime: Hey, JJ. I was having a really poop day today - especially concerning art and insecurity and stuff but I saw your live stream and I decided to watch you for a while and you just... You made me feel a lot better. I enjoyed watching you work and I laughed when you drew the dudes fightin with bigfoots (or w/e). So I thought I should say: Thank you for putting a smile on my face and bringing me out of the dumps. It's pretty cool that you and your art can do that even when you're unaware. ❤️UwU


thanks so much!

And im sure you can do it! Just have fun with what you are doing ;)

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UPDATE - Book 1 - chapter 15

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"hop on doll"

weapons of atlas